Blocking pattern keeps the first week of December mostly dry and warmer than normal


Welcome to the beginning of Meteorological Winter – the three month period that, climatologically, is the coldest three month period out of the year. And while temperatures were a bit cooler than what we’ve been used to the last few weeks, highs Tuesday were still fairly close to average for the first of December.

Sunny skies prevailed following a few clouds that held on east of Rockford Tuesday morning with clear skies expected to last through the night. This will once again allow temperatures to fall into the teens Wednesday morning. Winds will be light, so wind chills will be tolerable. Mostly sunny skies will continue through the day Wednesday, although by evening we may see a few more high cirrus clouds moving through. But those clouds won’t bring us any precipitation in the days to come as our skies remain pretty dry straight through the weekend.

A rather significant blocking pattern has set up across much of the county with another low pressure system, that’ll once again become cut-off over the southwest, diving down the West Coast. Another low continues to move up the East Coast while high pressure remains in between. That high to our north and west will help block moisture moving in from the south later this week as the low over the Southwest moves across the Gulf States. With the jet stream more focused to the south the next few days any major storm systems will continue to bypass most of the Stateline. There are a few weaker cold fronts that will move through Friday, and then again Sunday, but with very little moisture expected from those. Highs, while not significantly above average, will remain above average through the first week and a half of the month.

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