Halloween across N. Illinois and S. Wisconsin this year is looking cold, breezy and snowy. 

That’s right, snowy! Guidance continue to show a clipper-like disturbance sliding in from the northwest, bringing the chance for snow showers. 

Now if we see any accumulations, this would mainly be on elevated and grassy surfaces. Again, this is nothing like back in 2019, the snowiest on record at the airport, when we got 3.1″ of snow!

Temperature-wise, expect highs to peak in the mid to upper 30s. A look at the record books shows that our forecast high of 37-degrees would rank 4th for coldest on record. 

You would have to go back to 1917 to find Rockford’s coldest Halloween where our high peaked at the freezing mark of 32-degrees. When out trick or treating, make sure to put on a few extra layers with your costume. Winds will be out the north, gusting up to 25 mph at times.

This will make wind chills dip into the lower 20s.