Not As Humid Today:

Sunday’s heat was similar to what we’ve experienced eight other days since the start of June. Officially, the Rockford Airport came in with a high of 91°, with a max heat index of 103°. 

Fortunately, a frontal boundary sliding through early in the day will bring short-lived relief for the start of the work week. Winds behind this front will blow out of the east-northeast, leaving highs in the upper 80s this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. At their highest, heat index values will climb into the low 90s. Skies remain partly cloudy overnight, with temperatures falling into the low 60s which is considered seasonably.

Heat Advisory Tuesday:

From there, a lifting warm front will help shift our winds back to the south/southwest Tuesday. This will allow a major warm up to occur, resulting in highs in the low 90s for the tenth time this year. Combine our high temperatures will dew points in the mid to upper 70s, and you got heat indices at or above 100°. For this reason, the National Weather Service has placed us under a HEAT ADVISORY from 11AM to 9PM. Our counties to the west however could see heat indices at or above 115-degrees, hence why these areas are under an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING. 

Excessive Heat Watch:

The worst of the heat and humidity arrive Wednesday into Thursday. With a warm front positioned to our north, southwest winds at both the surface and the low-levels will help push temperatures into the upper 90s both days. Once you add the humidity into the mix, heat indices could be as high as 110° to 115°. For that, they have placed the entire region under an EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH from Wednesday morning into Thursday evening.

Heat Safety:

Given the likelihood of several 90° (plus) days and heat index values over 100°, it’s very important to make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions to stay safe during the prolonged heat. If you can, avoid being outdoors. But if you can’t do that, remember to make heat safety a HUGE priority. 

You can beat the excessive heat by wearing light colored clothing, taking frequent breaks in the shade, and of course remaining hydrated. Heat exhaustion and stroke can occur rather quickly if outdoors for too long. Several days of high heat and humidity, with little relief at night, can put added stress on your body. It’s important to know the signs of heat related illness and take the necessary steps to relieve those or seek medical attention if necessary.