After a few gloomy days with rain and even storms, we saw a hint of sunshine early Friday evening just before the sun set. Clearing tonight allows temperatures to drop down into the low 50s, but also gives us a chance to see some patchy fog as our temperatures drop down near the dew point.

The fog is quick to burn off, as the sun comes out and temperatures rise into the upper 70s for many across the Stateline. Winds will also pick up out of the South at around 10-15 mph.

The upward trend of temperatures continues through the Holiday weekend as well! Temperatures are into the mid and even upper 80s for Sunday through Tuesday. This is a perfect kickoff for the unofficial start of summer and going into the first week of June.

A cold front comes through for the middle of the week, bringing temperatures back down into the 70s for the back half of the week.

The cold front brings our temperatures much closer to average, and they look to dip below average for the period between June 2nd and June 6th. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a slight chance we will see below normal temperatures during that time.

The 7-Day Forecast continues to bring us a period of well above average temperatures, followed by storm and rain chances that bring us back down closer to normal for the back half of the week.

For more information on this forecast, watch this video from the 6PM newscast: