After a very bright and sunny Monday, we are once again flipping the script back to clouds and even some rain chances later into the day. Sunny skies were the story today and that means clear skies tonight, which allows temperatures to drop down into the 50s and even upper 40s by early tomorrow morning. We will hold onto a little bit of a breeze still, so it might feel a bit chilly, especially compared to some of our overnight lows from last week.

Tomorrow, we will see the cloud cover begin to increase ahead of a weather system that will bring us some rain late tomorrow into Wednesday. Temperatures remain in the 70s, but we will remain a bit cooler compared to today.

Rain begins to move in into the afternoon tomorrow, but will initially be very light and scattered rain showers.

Scattered rain showers continue through tomorrow evening, but we might see a bit more widespread and steady showers into the early morning Wednesday.

Rain becomes scattered once again late Wednesday morning into the afternoon. Later into the afternoon and evening should be a bit drier.

After the rain from Wednesday moves out, we will see warmer weather for Thursday and Friday, but we also could see some storms. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted a few areas nearby for those two days to keep an eye on for the potential for severe weather. Thursday, we need to watch areas to our North and West for severe weather.

On Friday, a cold front passes, and there is a potential for storms to develop along the front to our South and East. Both of those scenarios are more than a few days out, but something we will need to keep an eye on heading into the middle of the week.

This week is MUCH cooler than the last, but we also have more chances for rain. Temperatures rise into the upper 70s for the middle of the week, but we are back into the mid-60s for the weekend behind Friday’s cold front.

For more information on this forecast, watch this clip from the 5PM newscast: