Hopefully you had an opportunity to go outside and enjoy yesterday’s sunshine. I say that because with the way the forecast is trending, there doesn’t seem to be much sunshine to enjoy over the next few days. 

Clouds thicken up before mid-morning, which will leave skies mostly cloudy for the afternoon. Along with the cloud cover does come a small chance for a spotty afternoon/evening sprinkle or shower. Despite today’s cloudy outlook, an organized southwesterly breeze will help push afternoon highs back into the mid 50s.

Cloud cover hangs tight into Friday night, with some clearing taking place as we head into the early stages of Saturday. Lows will fall into the upper 30s.

Winds following a weak cold front will shift to the north-northeast for Saturday. Normally, the introduction of a cooler wind will result in a cooler afternoon. However, with the sun making an appearance from time to time, this should be enough to get us back into the mid 50s. 

Earlier in the week, it did seem like there was room for a few showers Saturday night. But as of this morning, those odds have dwindled a bit.

We do however keep a mostly cloudy sky into Sunday, with temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 30s. Sunday does provide a better opportunity for rain, especially during the late afternoon and evening. Highs, thanks to a quick wind shift to the south, will end up slightly warmer than Friday and Saturday, peaking in the upper 50s.

Remember, Sunday evening is going to look a lot different from Saturday evening. 

The reason why, the time change. At 2AM Sunday morning, clocks will fall back an hour as daylight SAVING time comes to a close. 

While the sun will rise about an hour earlier, shortly after 6:30AM, the sun will set around 4:45PM. We will continue to lose daylight until the Winter Solstice which occurs on Dec. 21st. After that, we will slowly begin to gain our daylight hours back.