Our streak of completely overcast skies continued into its 8th day today, with us now having not seen meaningful sunshine in over 2 weeks. As dreary as that is, there is some science behind it. These clouds have been very low-level clouds, with drier air slightly higher up in the atmosphere.

This is partly due to a temperature inversion just above the surface, which just means a warm layer of air keeping the clouds and moisture locked in place.

The other reason is a high pressure just to the North over the last few days, keeping our winds light and that inversion in place due to the sinking air from that high pressure.

Tonight, we are down to the low 20s with a bit of patchy fog and mostly cloudy skies, but we could see some clearing late.

Tomorrow, we reach the upper 30s with clouds once again. Southwest winds help to warm us up a bit.

We have a few weak systems passing by over the next few days, but major precipitation chances hold off until later in the week. This weather system has been trending further south, which could end up keeping us dry, but this is still something to keep an eye on over the next few days.

We are a bit warmer for the next few days with a few weak systems coming in to bring small chances for precipitation, but our next main system comes in Wednesday night into Thursday, bringing a chance for wintry mix followed by cooler air into the early part of next weekend.