Looking Ahead:

The sunshine that we got to somewhat enjoy this past weekend was quick to give way to cloudy skies to begin the week. With the way the forecast is shaping up, Monday’s lack of sun is a trend that we’ll have to get used to moving forward as our weather pattern turns more active.

The first of three systems that we’re keeping an eye on is set to pass to our south this afternoon. While most of the precipitation with today’s disturbance should remain north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border, a few late-day spotty sprinkles and flurries cannot be ruled out elsewhere. Similar to Monday, highs this afternoon are likely to peak in the low 40s. Expect a similar warm-up for Wednesday. However, with high pressure nearby, some clearing will take place, allowing a bit more sunshine to filter through. 

Late Week Storm:

As we mentioned yesterday, guidance didn’t really have a clear answer on what kind of track our storm system will take once it departs the southern plains. However, model runs this morning have shown a higher degree of confidence that the storm will take a more northerly trip into Illinois. This would mean that northern Illinois would be in closer proximity to the warmer side of the low, allowing rain to be the primary from of precipitation to start.

Eventually as temperatures cool into Thursday night into Friday morning, rain will mix and possibly changeover to snow. When that changeover to snow occurs and how much snow we could be possibly see (if any) is still up in the air.

Of course, the answer to these questions will come in the next day or so as models hone in on more data about the storm. But I will say, trends this morning however place the higher potential for accumulating snow to our north in southern and central Wisconsin. Stay tuned!