Recapping Thursday’s Snow:

The last of Thursday’s snow pushed through during the evening hours, leaving behind a swath of 3″-6″ for most of our spots. Freeport came in with the highest snowfall report, registering a whopping 8.5″. The Rockford Airport on the other hand fell on the lower end of the measuring stick, observing a snowfall total of 3.6″. 

Even with the snow now behind us, travel with extra caution if you plan to be on the roads during the morning commute hours. Overnight, skies gradually cleared as yesterday’s snow-maker pulled away. That, along with the fresh snow has allowed temperatures to fall into the mid to upper teens prior to sunrise.

That will definitely be cold enough to freeze any moisture left behind on the roadways, resulting in some icy spots. Also keep in mind that there will be roads, mainly back roads, that haven’t been treated or plowed yet. 

Cold Friday:

Speaking of yesterday’s snow, it will also play a major role into the cold Friday that lies ahead. With high pressure in place, expect sun-filled skies from start to finish. However, the snow’s high albedo (rate of reflection) will send most of the sun’s rays quickly back into space, limiting today’s warm-up. All in all, most are set to peak in the low 20s this afternoon. At the same time, wind chill value will be in the teens. So bundle up friends!

Warmer Weekend:

Rapid warming takes place overnight into Saturday morning as winds turn back to the southwest. That will help get rid of the very cold air-mass in place for today, bringing high temperatures back into the upper 30s by Saturday afternoon. 

A weak disturbance sliding to our south may bring the slim chance for a flurry or shower into the early portion of Sunday. Once that disturbance slides to our east, the rest of the day remains dry under a partly cloudy sky. The warm-up we see take place for Saturday carries on into Sunday afternoon, with most peaking in the low 40s. Highs remain above-average to kick off next week. We won’t be seeing a chance for wintry precipitation again until the late Tuesday-early Wednesday time frame.