Now that November is over, we can look back at some of the statistics of how that month compared to normal. High temperatures were just a bit higher than normal. with our average high coming in just above 50°. Meanwhile our snowfall totals for last month were spot on for what we expect to see in November.

We can also take a look ahead to December now that the calendar has turned over. High temperatures typically start out around 40° to start the month, but by 2 weeks later, we are much closer to freezing for our normal high temperature. By the end of the month, we would expect to see highs around 30°. We typically receive around 9.4″ of snow for the entire month of December here in Rockford.

It did not feel like December at all today, with temperatures in the 50s for the afternoon high. Strong South winds helped to keep us so mild, as we even saw 50° through much of the evening. However, notice some very big changes off to the Northwest, with a very strong cold front working across Wisconsin and Iowa, heading our way. The temperatures will plummet behind the front.

We had some pretty strong South winds earlier this afternoon well ahead of the front, but even stronger winds behind the front have prompted a Wind Advisory for the entire Stateline. This advisory has already gone into effect and lasts until Saturday morning.

Winds could gust close to 40 or even 45 miles per hour, especially behind the cold front. The timing of this would be after midnight but before sunrise tomorrow.

That front continues to move through overnight tonight, and also brings bitterly cold temperatures with it in addition to the wind. The front itself looks to pass through the Stateline before midnight, but notice the HUGE temperature drop as that front passes. Strong Northwest winds bring temperatures from the 50s to the 20s in a matter of a few hours.

By tomorrow morning, it will be nearly 30 degrees cooler than it was even late Friday evening, with lows reaching near 20° and many spots seeing the upper teens.

Along with the cold and the wind, we could see a few light sprinkles early on in the evening. Once the front passes, we should clear our skies out quite a bit. That will also help to drop temperatures. We will reach a low around 19° in Rockford, but the strong winds will make it feel much colder, with single digit wind chills likely tomorrow morning.

It does not get much better Saturday afternoon, despite the sunshine. We struggle to get our temperatures out of the 20s for the afternoon, with the strong NW wind keeping us cold. Winds will ease through the afternoon, but wind chills will remain in the single digits or teens throughout the day.

Temperatures will moderate themselves a bit through the week, but another few systems work through for Monday and Tuesday, and then again Thursday into Friday. These could bring rain and snow chances during that time, but the confidence is a bit lower.