St. Patrick’s Day:

We did have a bit of green on our radar throughout the latter half of Thursday, which left behind .20″ to .35″ of rain for most. Our focus now turns to the cold and the rather gusty wind that settles in behind last night’s strong frontal passage. 

For those planning to travel this morning, use extra caution. The quick drop in temperatures will end up being cold enough for any leftover moisture to refreeze, resulting in slippery travel. Tagging along with that is the gusty wind threat, which will mainly pertain to those who travel in a high-profile vehicle. Winds will be strongest during the morning commute, gusting up to 40 mph at times. As the surface low pulls away, this morning’s cloud cover will give way to mixed sunshine shortly after the mid-day hours.

However, it’s going to be one of those days where the sunshine will have little to no impact on our temperature climb. Winds remain out of the northwest, gusting between 25-35 mph during the afternoon and evening. This will limit highs to the low to mid 30s while also keeping our wind chill values in the upper teens and low 20s. With that being said, BUNDLE UP if you plan to be out and about for any St. Patrick’s Day festivities. 

Bitterly Cold Saturday:

A secondary rush of cold air will take place tonight into the first half of Saturday. This will result in the coldest day in Rockford since February 17th where we only hit a high of 23°. As of this morning, our forecast high for Saturday sits at 28-degrees. But, the northwest wind that we see today and tonight unfortunately will show no signs of slowing down, bringing wind chills below-zero by sunrise Saturday morning.

Again, bundle up from head to toe. These values only look to climb into the upper single-digits by the afternoon. Yeah, winter is trying to do everything he can to annoy us before the seasonal change occurs Monday. Fortunately, our weather pattern takes a turn for the better beginning Sunday. South to southwest winds will place highs on either side of the 40-degree mark, climbing into the low 50s by Tuesday.