Temperatures will continue to fall throughout the next hour or two around 7am when we will start to see things slowly warm up for the day. Right now, as of 4am, most of the area is sitting in the upper 50s/lower 60s with Rockford at the 60-degree mark.

We still go without a great chance of rain the next several days but for the Gulf Coast and East Coast this will be a different story focusing on the two Hurricanes, Idalia, a category 4 storm, and Franklin, a category 2.

Temperatures are going to heat up for lots of the country just in time for Labor Day Weekend. We will head into September with well above average temperatures and it looks to stay hot for some time.

Temperatures will be cool today only in the lower to mid 70s. Tomorrow we are back to near 80 and by Friday into the mid 80s. Saturday we’ll be very close to reaching 90. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we will likely be in the lower to mid 90s.