Looking Ahead:

After dodging yet another opportunity for a winter storm Friday, a good portion of Saturday and Sunday remained dry with highs reaching the upper 40s and low 50s. 

While this kind of warmth is something that we’ve gotten quite accustomed to over this winter season, big changes follow the strong cold front that is scheduled to slide through today. 

Transition Monday:

With a southeasterly wind in place ahead of the front, highs will likely reach the low 50s around or shortly after mid-day. However, once our winds make the turn to the northwest, temperatures will be sent on a downward spiral this afternoon, landing on either side of the 40° mark by the time the evening commute commences. This all occurs under a mostly cloudy sky, with cloud cover not budging the slightest as we go into our Tuesday. 

Cooler Moving Forward:

The cooler start that greets us out the door Tuesday will pave the way for a cooler afternoon. Despite some clearing occurring into mid-day, a chilly breeze out of the northeast will limit highs to the low 40s. Similar temperatures will be felt Wednesday afternoon, with more cloud cover hovering across our skies. 

Come Thursday, our weather patterns turns a bit more active as yet another impactful storm system sets it’s eyes on the Stateline. One that will place us in an environment for wintry precipitation. However, the type of precipitation we encounter will all be dependent on the location of the 32-degree line. Models keep it in between I-80 and highway 20, meaning it won’t take much of a northward bump for snow to mix with freezing rain and sleet Friday afternoon. 

Still very early. But something to monitor nonetheless.