Copy & Paste Tuesday, Heat & Humidity Slowly Rise


Cooler Trend Continues:

Monday’s high of 79° marked the fourth straight day the Chicago-Rockford International Airport observed a cooler-than-normal high temperature. In my opinion, a picture perfect way to kick off the month of August, considering how hot and humid we were during the second half of July. Now, for those of you who are like me and want this cooler-than-average stretch to continue, I have good news for you. It does. With an area of high pressure still in control, and all the rich-moisture trapped along the gulf coast, Tuesday will be somewhat of a repeat of Monday. The only difference is, afternoon highs will be a few degrees warmer.  

Copy & Paste Tuesday:

Tuesday begins on a sun-filled and comfortable note, thanks to the very dry atmosphere that remains in place. Temperatures before sunrise are sitting in the mid to upper 50s, which isn’t as chilly as temperatures were Monday morning. But still very comfortable. 

In a similar fashion to how Monday panned out, a few clouds are scheduled to pop up by mid-day. High temperatures once again will top out in the low 80s, which ends up closer to where we normally air at the start of August. With a little lift in the low-levels of the atmosphere, the conditions are right for a few very isolated sprinkles or showers to develop during the afternoon. However, the chances of that are very low. As the sun begins to set in the evening, the atmosphere will again become stable, allowing for skies to clear for the overnight hours. 

Humidity On the Rise:

This “copy and paste” trend continues into the middle of the work week, with highs remaining in the low 80s. Although we may notice a slight uptick in humidity by the afternoon, I still think your air condition can remain on vacation. However, that can’t be said as we roll into Thursday, Friday, and even into the upcoming weekend. The frontal boundary that is acting as a “blocker”, keeping all the uncomfortable air locked along the Gulf Coast, is expected to fizzle out over the next few days.

Winds at the surface, and even in the low-levels of the atmosphere, are expected to take turn to the southwest by Wednesday afternoon. This will help pull some of this warm, moist air northward into the Stateline, bringing an uptick in both our daily high temperatures and humidity. It will feel a little more muggy come Thursday, but the humidity will definitely be noticeable by Friday. 

As mentioned before, much of this stretch remains dry, with a chance for a few isolated showers and thunderstorms arriving overnight Thursday into Friday. While we’re still a few days out, models have continued to show a storm system sliding to our northwest late Saturday into Sunday. Not only will this system turn up the heat, but it will bring our best shot at seeing rain over the next 7 days. With us being placed under the “warm sector” of the low, we may briefly touch the 90° mark Saturday afternoon. But it’s more than likely we’ll see 90s return by Sunday.

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