Dense Fog Advisory:

Surface moisture, extremely light winds, and a fairly clear overnight sky has led to the development of dense fog prior to the morning commute. So far this morning, the fog up in southern Wisconsin is a bit thicker than here in northern Illinois. 

This is why the National Weather Service only has Green, Rock, and Walworth Counties in southern Wisconsin under a Dense Fog Advisory until 9AM. Visibility in these areas will fluctuate from time to time, registering less than a 1/4mile at times.

If you plan to be out on the roads during the morning commute hours, please make sure to remain focused and use extra caution. 

Once the fog fully lets up, sunshine is expected to take over once again. Temperatures to kick off the day will be sitting on either side of 50-degrees. But with winds still being cool out of the north and northeast, highs will briefly hit the 70-degree mark.

Chilly Nights Ahead:

Chilly temperatures remain on the table for tonight and for Thursday night. Both nights should feature mostly clear skies and light winds, allowing lows to fall back into the mid to upper 40s. In fact, tonight’s low of 47-degrees is something the Stateline doesn’t feel until early-October! 

So before you take that first step out the door, you might want to have that light jacket on! Along with the chilly temperatures Wednesday morning, another round of dense fog will be possible. Thursday is when we to see a transition back to milder temperatures as winds once again will shift to the south. Highs should have little trouble reaching the low 70s Thursday afternoon, then to the upper 70s for Friday afternoon.