Dense Fog Expected Saturday Night


Patches of dense fog are expected across the Stateline Saturday night and into Sunday.

Saturday night, surface temperatures and surface dewpoint temperatures both in the lower to middle 20’s, in conjunction with very light winds, are resulting in widespread fog across the area. Visibility is expected to drop as low as one quarter mile through the night. The National Weather Service has issued a dense fog advisory for the entire Stateline. The advisory is in effect until noon CST on Sunday.

With temperatures below freezing, freezing fog is also a possibility over this time. Freezing fog occurs when the liquid fog droplets are supercooled, or are below the freezing temperature, but remain liquid until they reach the surface and freeze on contact. Freezing fog can cause thin patches of ice on roadways, particularly on untreated roads and on elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses.

When driving in dense fog, use your headlights, even during the day, increase your distance between yourself and other cars, and don’t be afraid to take things a bit slower. Also, be aware of the possibility of freezing fog, especially when driving on elevated roadways.

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