Dense Morning Fog, Evening Snow Chances


For those that are set to travel, you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes. Dense fog that made it’s presence known during the evening hours yesterday stuck around into the early hours this morning. As of a result, the National Weather Service has left the entire region under a Dense Fog Advisory that is set to continue into mid-day. Visibility for most locations have been sitting under a mile for a majority of the morning, and will likely stay in that range until the cancellation of the advisory. However, old man winter has brought the one-two punch for the beginning of the first full week of 2021.

Temperatures Monday morning fell into the low to mid 20s. The combination of the dense fog around the Stateline, along with the below freezing temperatures, resulted in the formation of what we call freezing fog. This type of Fog is comprised of very tiny water droplets that when supercooled can instantly freeze with it makes contact with a surface. This will likely lead to a couple of slick spots during your morning travels, especially on elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses. Remember, when traveling through dense fog, drive with extra caution. You’re going to want to give your vehicle enough space between it and other surrounding vehicles. Just in case of any unexpected stops. It’s important to also travel with your low beams on rather than your high beams due to the rate of glare off of the water droplets. 

Following this morning’s dense fog, a quick-moving cold front will the bring possibility of snow to the Stateline late Monday afternoon into Monday evening. Hi-res models have remained consistent showing a moisture-starved environment overhead as this cold front sweeps through. Meaning that this frontal boundary won’t have much to work with. However, there looks to be just enough for a thin band of flurries and light snow to develop between 5PM and 10 PM. Accumulations are not likely, though a dusting on roadway surfaces could make for slick road during the evening commute. Once chances come to a close, cloud cover is likely going to stick around into Tuesday morning. However, Tuesday brings a slightly higher chance for us to see some sunshine.

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