Drier Weather Slides in Today, Feeling Less Humid Over the Weekend


At this point, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you told me you were in a relationship with your air conditioner. Why you ask? For a full week, high temperatures in Rockford have eclipsed the 90° mark, something that occurred 48 other times since records began in 1905. Thankfully, we had a cold front sweep through the region overnight last night, not only bringing a few showers for the start of our Friday, but also a MUCH NEEDED break from the heat and humidity.

How can you tell a cold front came through the area? First off, temperatures this morning were a few degrees cooler than how we started the day on Thursday, sinking down into the mid to upper 60s. Secondly, our surface winds have shifted to the northwest, and have been pretty gusty at times in a few spots. We did wake up to a few lingering showers as the low pressure system’s center continued to track east of the region. Along with those showers, cloud cover has also been on the decrease leading to some sunshine as we head into the mid-morning hours.

The weather remains dry and sunny for the rest of our Friday, with temperatures a little closer to average. Highs will end up in the upper 80’s, breaking a weeks worth of 90-degree weather. Behind last night’s cold front, winds are expected to increase as we head into the afternoon. Winds will stay out of the northwest, and could gust as high as 25 to 30 mph between 12PM and 6PM. If you are heading towards downtown later today for City Market, it be be a bit gusty at times at the start of the event. However, winds will slowly decrease the closer we get towards sunset.

For the most part, the sunny and dry weather sticks around for the upcoming weekend. Tomorrow will start off on a dry note. However, an upper-level disturbance will swing down from the Upper-Midwest, bringing a chance for a few isolated showers and thunderstorms during the late afternoon and evening hours. Temperatures remain in the upper 80s. So it will feel hot, but thankfully not as uncomfortable as it did over the past few days. Sunday is looking like the best and most comfortable day of the weekend, with highs in the low to mid 80s. To add onto that, the humidity is not going to be an issue. A nice break from what we’ve endured the past week.

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