Drought conditions continue for the Stateline


Moderate drought conditions have expanded a little further south and now cover a good portion of Ogle and Lee counties, as well as extending further west into northwest Illinois. The severe drought conditions over far northeast Illinois have improved slightly.

Much of southern Wisconsin remains under moderate drought, with far southeast Wisconsin still considered in severe drought conditions. The northwest portion of the state has now been placed in the abnormally dry category as quite a bit of central Wisconsin has received rainfall over the last couple of weeks, bypassing the northwest and south portions of the state.

The last significant rain to be recorded at the Rockford Airport was back on the 9th of August when over two inches of rain fell. That was also the day when over half a dozen tornadoes touched down in northern Illinois during the afternoon and evening. Since that day, the rain has been really hit or miss for many across the area. There has been a few spots in the area that have had some decent downpours within the last week, but those have been very isolated leaving much of the Stateline dry.

The dry conditions will continue Sunday night but there may be a few light showers moving through Monday morning. Active thunderstorms are then possible over the next few days, some of which could bring some heavier rainfall, across the Midwest and Great Lakes. Whether or not those storms move over the area this week are yet to be seen.

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