Early Morning Fog Gives Way To Another Sunny, But Hazy Afternoon


If you loved the sunshine we saw to end the weekend, I’ve got good news for you. This upcoming work week features more sunshine and less rain chances for the Stateline. The only component of the forecast that is in the way of seeing sunshine today is the fog layer that the Stateline is waking up too. 

Thanks to a vast amount of moisture in the low-levels of the atmosphere, and calm surface winds, many early-risers were greeted to areas of fog this morning. Some areas experiencing thicker fog than others, as places like Freeport, Dekalb, and Rochelle all observed 0 mile visibility at times. Areas of dense fog remain possible through mid-morning, especially in rural areas. To be on the safe side, you are going to want to take extra caution and time getting to your destination. Another way to be safe while traveling through dense fog is to drive with your low-beams on instead of your high beams.

Once the fog fully lets up, we’ll continue to see the sunny and dry weather that concluded the weekend stick around for Monday afternoon. However, hazy conditions will also persist. This is all thanks to the massive wildfires that are leaving behind a path of devastation across the Western United States. While we aren’t going to be dealing the wildfires here in the Stateline, flow higher up in the atmosphere will allow some of that smoke to get displaced across the Midwest. Just by taking a peek out the studio this morning, the Stateline is experiencing quite a bit of haze already. Now, it seems that this smoke will be high enough in the atmosphere to the point where it shouldn’t lead to respiratory issues for folks, unless they are particularly sensitive. However, make sure to have your cameras ready, because the smoke aloft will allow for brilliant sunrises and sunsets. 

Aside from the hazy conditions, sunshine will be featured in each day of the upcoming work week. In fact, you may leave your rain gear at home each day since we’re talking about a significantly less amount of rain chances than last week. In fact, the only rain chance that we have in the forecast is for Wednesday evening with an approaching cold front. Aside from that, the weather remains into the later half of the work week. Temperature-wise, a wind shift to the southwest will allow for highs to climb into the low 80s both Tuesday and Wednesday. However, temperatures come crashing down once the cold front sweeps through by Wednesday evening. Highs will then fall into the low 70s by Thursday. Even cooler temperatures are ahead for week’s end, with highs falling into the mid 60s.

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