Seasonal Change:

At 8:03PM this evening, the sun’s energy will be focused right over the Earth’s equator, marking the start of Autumn for the northern Hemisphere. It’s on this day that our daylight hours and night time hours are roughly the same. Following the autumnal equinox, the Earth will begin to tilt away from the sun, resulting in shorter days and longer nights.

For those that live south of the equator, it’s the opposite as they prepare to jump into their spring. Now, are we going to see fall weather just in time for the seasonal change? You bet your bottom dollar we will! And it’s all thanks to the strong cold front that came through on Wednesday. 

Breezy, Cooler Day Ahead:

Overnight, a major cool-down commenced, quickly placing our temperatures on either side of the 40-degree mark. You more than likely want to have on an extra layer before stepping out the door. While plenty of sunshine lies ahead, a gusty northerly breeze will significantly slow down the warming process, landing highs in the lower 60s.

As we’ve said previously, our forecast high temperature of 63° would be the coolest since the 62° high we recorded back on May 21st. With skies remaining clear for a good chunk of the night tonight, expect an even cooler start to the day tomorrow. 

Few Showers Friday:

Friday begins with mixed sunshine. However, cloud cover is expected to increase towards the afternoon as a weak disturbance slides into the western Great Lakes. 

Accompanying the additional cloud cover will be a few light showers, with chances increasing into Friday night. While the first half of our weekend may feature a lingering shower or two, we can expect sunshine and 70s to return by Saturday afternoon. Another cold front sliding through Sunday will bring us back down into the 60s for the end of the weekend and the start of next week.