Little Fog to Start:

Once again, our day kicks off with a little fog. But fortunately for us, the fog layer that’s out there this morning isn’t even close to being as dense as what developed Monday morning. With that being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if we did see visibility values for a few drop to or below 3 miles. Just to be on the safe side, use extra caution while traveling during the morning commute hours.

Tuesday’s Storm System:

A rather strong and dynamic late-fall storm system is expected to sweep across the midsection of the lower 48 today. To the south of the low, a significant threat for severe weather lies across portions of the deep south. For us, a few light rain showers will be possible with the associated cold front, followed by a rather quick drop in temperatures. Prior to this evening’s cold front, skies remain mostly cloudy. Despite that however, a rather potent wind out of the south and southeast will help temperatures climb into the mid 50s. Normally, average highs towards the end of November are falling into the low 40s.

Cooling Down Quick:

Regarding the strength of today’s winds, there’s no wind advisory in place for any of our counties at the moment. But wind gusts will be able to range between 30-40 mph this afternoon, this evening, and even throughout the night tonight. If you have any loose objects in your yard or any inflatable Christmas decorations, make sure they are either secured properly or are brought inside. For the evening commute, keep in mind that it will still be windy and there will be the chance for a few showers.

Shower chances will carry on into the first half of tonight, with maybe a few snowflakes mixing towards the end. Overall, most if not all of our spots should wind up with a tenth of an inch or less. Winds remain strong, but shift to the north and northwest overnight. This quick change in wind will help filter a very cold air-mass into the Stateline from the Upper Midwest and southern Canada. Temperatures go from the mid 50s this afternoon to the low 20s Wednesday morning. 

With a strong and cold wind sticking around for Wednesday, expect temperatures to struggle to make it out of the 20s. If that isn’t cold enough, wind chills values will be limited to the teens, before falling into the single-digits overnight. It’s safe to say that if you need to be out and about, you’ll want to pack on those layers. The coldest air arrives overnight Wednesday into Thursday, allowing temperatures to land in the upper teens prior to sunrise.