We finally made it above freezing Wednesday morning, and that is the first time we have seen temperatures this warm since December 15th, nearly two weeks ago. Rockford spent 306 consecutive hours below that freezing mark.

We are already above that mark and only get warmer from here. High temperatures this afternoon reach into the upper 30s under strong Southerly winds and a bit of sunshine.

Similar to last night, temperatures hold steady through the night. This is due to strong Southerly winds remaining in place and clouds increasing in coverage. We also have to be mindful of drizzle chances into the night as well.

Tomorrow, we continue that warming trend, reaching all the way into the upper 40s and nearly 50° for some. Even though we won’t see much sun, warm air being moved into the area across multiple layers of the atmosphere really help to keep us warmer and warmer.

Rain chances become a bit more widespread late Thursday night going into Friday and Saturday. We won’t see much rain, but we could be gloomy for a bit. Higher rainfall could come early next week with a weather system passing right across the Stateline.

Overall, the trend stays much warmer toward the new year, and even continues into the first week of January. Highs around this time of year should be much closer to the low 30s than the 40s, but we will take what we can get after such a long stretch of freezing temperatures!