After a more pleasant fall day with the sunshine on Saturday, clouds are increasing into the night ahead of our next weak impulse of energy in the atmosphere. Additional cloud cover will keep temperatures a touch milder than they otherwise would be given the cold air aloft. Most can generally expect lows in the low 40s overnight with lighter winds.

Spotty chances for showers for the early part of the day tomorrow follow the additional cloud cover amid another cool afternoon with highs in the mid-50s.

Any rain showers that develop will be very light and widely scattered in nature. Not a washout by any means, but a few isolated sprinkles are possible early in the day. Skies will clear later into the evening.

Colder air and lingering moisture at the surface are some of the ingredients needed to produce frost. We have seen both of these the last couple nights. Other ingredients needed that will also fall into place in the coming days are clear skies and near calm winds at the surface. With most ingredients falling into place soon, we could see our first chance for frost on the season on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. The highest chances for frost potential will be in mainly in rural areas, where moisture may be a bit higher while temperatures are a bit lower.

Clear skies are one of the main ingredients for frost that has been lacking in recent days. This will be in abundance for a few days into the early part of the week.

Looking ahead to next week, we could see some impacts of a potent fall weather system during the latter half of the week. A warm front will lift into the area by Thursday, increasing rain potential starting Wednesday afternoon. Steady to heavy rain looks likely into Saturday, with some pockets of thunder possible as well. Places that see the heaviest rain may experience some flooding as well. There is still plenty of time for this system to shift one way or another as far as location or strength but impacts of this system appear to be on the higher side for this time of year. As of now, it appears we will see a wetter end to the week.

In the meantime, temperatures will remain below normal for this time of year, with pockets of sun during the afternoons on Monday and Tuesday following Sunday’s scattered showers. At least patchy frost remains possible Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings as overnight lows dip toward the mid-30s. Higher temperatures return in the short-term before the rainy end to the week ahead.