Flash flooding remains a concern in many areas across the Stateline, including the worst occurring this morning in areas of Stephenson County.

Reports from emergency management lead to a flood warning being issued, and it remains in effect until 4:45PM Sunday afternoon. Data reporting sites have picked up over 2 inches of rainfall in some spots across Northern Illinois as of 9AM. Radar estimates and weather spotters have gauged total rainfall amounts in some locations to be anywhere from 4″ to 8″.

Here is what Kevyn Sutter, the Director of Communications for the City of Freeport told us about the ongoing flooding specifically in Freeport:

“Barley Ridge, Moss Canyon, and Sandy Point Dive roads have been washed out due to flooding. Roads are NOT drivable. Street crews are on route to alert residents door-to-door. Washouts have created 6 to 12 inch drop offs on roadway and rain will continue to fall until 1pm. Route 75 on the east side of Freeport has water across the road. Please exercise extreme caution.”

Kevyn Sutter, Director of Communications, City of Freeport

We have received reports that Route 75 has since cleared, and water has drained off the road.

Please exercise caution when out on roadways today, and if you come across a flooded road, be sure to “Turn around, don’t drown.”