Foggy Start Leads to Afternoon Sunshine


Dense fog this morning slowed things down a bit as we started off our work week. Most spots as you woke up were already registering visibility under a 1/2 mile. Now that the sun is up and has began to heat the surface, the fog layer is dissipating which has resulted in improving conditions across the Stateline. A dense fog advisory remains in effect for the entire viewing area until 10 A.M.

When you are driving in a layer of dense fog, it is important to keep these safety tips in mind. Remember to always with your low beams. If you are driving through dense fog with your high beams on, the bright light from your high beams will reflect off the ice crystals of the fog reducing your visibility even more. Also, make sure to give yourself enough space between you and the car in front of you. Just in case of any unexpected stops. This will lessen the chances of you or other drivers getting into an accident.

Dense fog should burn off by around 10-11 AM, but patchy areas of fog may remain through the late-morning. Besides the foggy start, conditions look to stay dry for the first half of the work week. As more dry air is filtered into the region, partly sunny skies will dominate most of our day. Highs will climb into the low 80s. As the official start of fall approaches, summer-like warms seems to settle in for the entire work week. Highs temperatures will remain anywhere from 5° to 10° above average. You can thank a large dome of high pressure over the deep South.There may be a slight cool down as we head into our weekend as a cold front passes through. However, temperatures are likely to remain above-average between now and late in the month.

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