Foggy Tuesday Morning, Ice Potential Tomorrow Morning


A bit of a different start to our day as those who left their home for the early-day commute was greeted to widespread fog and drizzle. A system that tracked in overnight helped lift a warm front through the region. The combination of the “warmer” air brought in by frontal boundary and the semi-fresh snow on the ground led to the process known as evaporation. This resulted in a very dense fog layer to spread across the Stateline for the start of our Tuesday. In fact, a couple of our airports this morning were reporting less than a mile visibility at times. If you have to be out on the roads this morning, just be sure to give yourself maybe 5 or 10 extra minutes. Use your low-beam headlights, and give yourself enough following distance between you and the car in front of you.

Clouds at this point in the day look to slowly break late this afternoon, giving way to some sunshine. Highs will approach the 40° mark. Overall, a nice and quiet day for January standards to take the pup on a long walk, or go for a run in the nearby parks (if you’re into that sort of thing). Clouds return overnight ahead of the next system which is forecast to bring rain and freezing rain. That system right now is located over the Rockies, bringing snow to portions of southern Idaho and western Wyoming. Due to the fact that the flow in the mid-levels in the atmosphere is more zonal (flow that is generally west to east oriented), this system will peel off the Rockies and glide it’s way towards the Stateline by tomorrow morning. As it does so, it brings the threat for wintry precipitation shortly before daybreak on Wednesday.

This could mean a little bit of freezing rain, sleet, mixing in with light snow. Regardless, accumulations of both ice and snow should remain minimal. But as we saw from this past weekend, it doesn’t take much for roads to become slick. Especially if road temperatures are cold enough. Slick roads are possible for the morning commute, especially on those higher elevation surfaces such as bridges and overpasses. Temperatures take a temporary dive into Thursday, as highs fall back into the lower 20s. We’ll see plenty of sunshine Thursday, but clouds return by Friday morning.

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