Winter Storm Watches have been issued for counties east and southeast of the Stateline, lining up in/around Chicago and northwest Indiana. It is in this area where the heaviest snow is likely to fall.

Further west, and closer to the Stateline, the chance for any significant snowfall appears to be dwindling. The track of the low has continued to shift ever so slightly to the south the last day and a half, placing the heaviest axis of accumulating snowfall south of Chicago. There is still a possibility that track could shift back north late Thursday night or Friday morning. If this occurs, the chance for some accumulating snow would slightly increase closer to north-central Illinois.

As it looks Thursday evening, a light rain will move in from the south but could fall just short of reaching I-88. As colder air wraps in around the low a transition over to snow will occur. Where exactly that transition takes place, or if it is able to overcome the above freezing temperatures, is still yet to be seen. The most likely area to pick up on accumulating snowfall will be where the winter storm watch is currently in place, with a very sharp cut-off to the northwest.

Counties to the east of I-39 may see some snow during the afternoon, but if any does fall the accumulations look to remain very minor. If, however, the storm does shifts back to the north then we could see some slightly higher accumulations for at least half of the Stateline.

Northeast winds will be increasing during the afternoon Friday, with gusts approaching 35-40 mph. The higher wind gusts will be tied closer to the low-pressure system itself. Further west and north of Rockford the wind gusts may not be quite as strong.