Hazy skies Sunday afternoon


Nothing but blue skies Saturday afternoon with temperatures warming into the mid and upper 60s. The blue skies, however, will be replaced with a little more haze and smoke Sunday afternoon as a mid-level ridge moves overhead.

Skies were more milky white west of the Mississippi River Saturday thanks to the smoke and haze from the wildfires burning out west. As the winds began to shift a little more in the jet stream Saturday evening, some of that smoke and haze started to cross over the Mississippi River into Northwest and Central Illinois. By Sunday, the majority of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin should notice a bit more haze in the sky, similar to how skies were a week ago. While the haze won’t be quite as thick as earlier in the week, it could obscure the sun and have a small impact on temperatures this week.

As mid-level ridging continues throughout the week we could see on and off haze and smoke across the Stateline throughout the week.

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