Hazy skies can be expected for much of Sunday afternoon as smoke from wildfires in Canada continue to move across the Great Lakes and Midwest. This has caused the air quality to become unhealthy for certain groups, especially over Wisconsin where thicker smoke is beginning to move in.

Sinking air due to high pressure has caused smoke that has remained mostly in the upper levels of the atmosphere, to be pulled down closer to the surface. As a result, skies will have a very hazy look to them throughout the day. There may also be a noticeable smokey smell for parts of the region.

Visibility has also been impacted with the smoke closer to the surface. Varying visibility throughout the day due to the haze can be expected.

An AIR QUALITY ALERT was just issued for southern Wisconsin which remains in effect until 8am Monday. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources the air quality index is expected to range from the unhealthy for sensitive group level, to the unhealthy level across the state. People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. Everyone else should also reduce prolonged or heavy exertion if outdoors.

The hazy conditions will continue through Sunday night and Monday.