Hazy Skies Sunday Afternoon


Skies were partly cloudy Sunday afternoon but you may have also noticed a little more haze in the sky as well. The changing wind flow pattern in the middle part of the atmosphere helped to pull smoke from wildfires burning in Canada down into the Great Lakes. The smoke could easily be seen on visible satellite imagery and was a little more thick over the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

The smoke is ‘trapped’ in the atmosphere between 3,000 and 6,000 feet – roughly – and with it being a little closer to the surface it’s possible that you may even be able to smell the smoke in the air Monday. This may also impact air quality for parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes and could cause some problems for those who are a little more sensitive. The image below is from our SkyTrack camera in Rochelle right before sunset. You can see some of the haze on the horizon, giving the setting sun a little more of a red look to it.

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