Hot Tuesday Ahead:

Monday was a rather beautiful day across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Following an early morning cold front, highs for some landed in the low 80s. Areas closer to the Mississippi River came in a few degrees warmer in the upper 80s. 

Unfortunately, yesterday’s comfortable weather won’t be sticking around for our Tuesday as the high heat and humidity makes a quick comeback. A warm front positioned to our south will begin to lift north and northeast as our Tuesday progresses.

This will allow temperatures to climb, reaching the upper 80s and low 90s during the afternoon. Along with the rise in temperatures will also be the rise in moisture levels, pushing the heat index into the low 100s in some locations. For that, a HEAT ADVISORY will be in place for Winnebago, Ogle, and Lee Counties in northern Illinois as well as Green, and Rock Counties up in southern Wisconsin from 11AM to 9PM. 

Areas to the west that have a better shot at seeing heat indices at or above 110-degrees have been put under an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING. Temperatures will stay seasonably warm overnight, falling into the low 70s by sunrise Wednesday.

Hotter Wednesday:

Wednesday looks to be even hotter as the warm front will be positioned to the north of the area. This will result in a wind shift to the west-southwest, allowing temperatures to surge into the upper 90s. Combine that with dew points in the upper 70s and you get heat index values ranging from 110-115 degrees. For that, the National Weather Service has placed all of our counties under an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING. This will be in effect from 11AM to 9PM. 

Thursday’s Heat:

Thursday could be just as hot. However, there are a few things we’ll have to keep an eye on that may limit our full heating potential. A lake-enhanced cold front may be strong enough to spark up a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. 

If we don’t see any of this activity make it’s way this far inland and we end up staying dry during the afternoon, then expect highs to soar back into the upper 90s. At this moment, Ogle, Lee, Winnebago, Boone, McHenry, and Dekalb Counties as well as our three counties up in southern Wisconsin remain under an EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH. Once there is more clarity into Thursday’s potential for rain, we will have a better idea on how hot and humid it will be. 

Heat Safety:

With it being excessively hot and humid the next few days, remember to take the necessary precautions to stay safe during the prolonged heat. If you can, avoid being outdoors. But if you can’t do that, remember to make heat safety a HUGE priority. You can beat the excessive heat by wearing light colored clothing, taking frequent breaks in the shade and air conditioning, and of course remaining hydrated.

Heat exhaustion and stroke can occur rather quickly if outdoors for too long. Several days of high heat and humidity, with little relief at night, can put added stress on your body. It’s important to know the signs of heat related illness and take the necessary steps to relieve those or seek medical attention if necessary.