Heat & Humidity Remains Stubborn, Sticks Around All Week


Back to Reality:

Sunday’s featured a really nice break from the grueling heat and humidity, as high temperatures topped out in the low 80s. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that this break is very short lived. Summer returns in a big way for the upcoming work week, with the potential for multiple 90-degree days. 

Hot & Humid Once Again:

Today begins with the potential for patchy dense fog, along with the chance for an isolated thunderstorm or two. A line of non-severe storms that are located in northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin early Sunday morning will continue their easterly journey, approaching the Stateline near or shortly after sunrise. 

Guidance does show this line of showers and non-severe thunderstorms weakening as they inch closer to the Stateline. But whether they weaken or sustain themselves, we’ll more than likely will have to keep an eye on them for the morning commute. What’s left of this line will be passing through between 6AM-10AM, leaving us with mixed sunshine into the afternoon.

Thanks to a strong dome of high pressure, the excessive heat has been trapped across the central and southern plains. But with winds being more out of the south today, this will allow some of that hot and humid air to trek northward, filtering into the region during the later half of our Monday. 

The humidity won’t be too terrible today, but that won’t be the case Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs for the foreseeable future will land on either side of the 90-degree mark, with the worst of the humidity being felt Tuesday and Wednesday. With dew points sitting in the low to mid 70s, heat indices will have no issues climbing to or above the triple digit mark. Although models do bring a cold front through the region during the day on Thursday, not much relief filters in behind it.

Heat Sticks Around:

Temperatures remain in the upper 80s and low 90s both Thursday and Friday afternoon, with more heat to follow. This cold front is then scheduled to lift back northward as a warm front, placing us under the warm sector by Saturday morning. Highs look to remain near the 90-degree mark over the weekend, with the potential for heat indices once again to inch closer to the 100-degree mark. 

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