Meteorological Fall:

While the fall equinox is still a few weeks away (September 23rd, another form of the fall season is set to begin on September 1st. This is what we as meteorologists call “meteorological fall”. 

To make a long story short, astronomical seasons are based on the position of the sun and rotation of the earth while the meteorological seasons exist to make the record-keeping process a bit easier. Now, the first few days of meteorological fall feature a significant warming trend, one that will result in a few more 90-degree days. 

Pleasant Friday:

Friday starts off on a chilly note, with temperatures dropping into the low 50s. But in a similar fashion to Wednesday and Thursday, Friday features just as much sunshine. Winds however will be more out of the south, which will allow highs to climb back into the low 80s. The weather from there will continue to cooperate for week two of high school football. Expect a few evening clouds with temperatures falling into the low 70s by halftime! By Saturday morning, expect temperatures to fall into the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees.

Labor Day Weekend:

A strong ridge of high pressure currently centered over the Plains will inch closer to the Great Lakes this weekend. This will allow a much warmer air-mass to filter in. Highs will warm to 90 degrees Saturday, then into the low to mid 90s Sunday and Monday.

The 90-degree heat will continue early next week, with the 80s likely sticking around through the end of the week. Thankfully with this weekend’s unseasonably warm forecast, we won’t be dealing a very moisture-rich air-mass like last week. Dew points this weekend will be sitting in the mid to upper 50s, which is considered comfortable. By Labor Day, we will begin to see more of that rich Gulf of Mexico moisture filter in, resulting in higher humidity-levels.