Temperatures Wednesday afternoon warmed into the middle and upper 90s, reaching 97 degrees in Rockford. This is our hottest temperature so far this summer season. Heat index values were even hotter, rising well over 110 degrees. The highest heat index recorded in Rockford was 117 degrees. The last time we had a heat index over 110 degrees was July of last year when we reached 113 degrees. The last time it was higher than that, July 13th, 1995! So, for some, this afternoon has been the hottest they’ve felt in their lifetime.

During times of extreme heat many look for relief at night when, typically, temperatures cool. But the next couple of nights there will be little relief with the overnight low temperatures as we remain in the upper 70s tonight, and then low 70s Thursday night.

Lows Wednesday morning only fell to the mid-70s and are expected to remain very closer to 80 degrees Wednesday night/Thursday morning. It is likely we remain in the low 70s Thursday night – with a warm day expected Friday. Shifting winds to the northeast Friday night will make it feel much more comfortable going into the weekend.