Temperatures Sunday afternoon warmed into the upper 40s and low 50s. And while we’ll likely reach the 50s again Monday, it will not come with as much sunshine. In fact, it’ll come with quite a bit of heavy rain, especially in the morning.

Skies are expected to remain clear and quiet through Sunday evening as temperatures slowly begin to fall back through the 40s and 30s. Cloud cover will increase during night as our next storm system quickly moves in from the southwest. Severe weather remains a threat Sunday evening across the central and southern Plains.

As low pressure quickly lifts into Iowa Monday morning, moisture will be pulled into central and northern Illinois. Rain showers will begin to move in from the southwest between 1am-3am, overspreading the entire Stateline before sunrise Monday. Heavy rain is expected during that time, with a few isolated thunderstorms. The heavy rain will last through mid-morning, coming to an end just before Noon. Flash flooding is not a concern, however, water ponding on the roads, fields and ditches is likely. Area rivers may also rise to bankfull in the next few days. Minor flooding may be possible for those along the rivers.

Southeast winds are expected to increase, gusting to around 40 mph around sunrise. It’s possible that a few higher wind gusts may occur with some of the heavier rain showers.

As low pressure moves across northern Illinois during the afternoon, winds will turn to the northwest. Drizzle and light showers are still expected during that time, but the accumulating rainfall will come to an end.

Rainfall totals will range from three quarters of an inch, up to just a little over an inch by Monday afternoon.