After the rain from the weekend, we have improved on our rainfall deficit both on the month and year, but not a huge improvement. We are still nearly 2.5″ shy for the month of June and almost 4.5″ short for the year to date. We obviously need the rain, but the short term pattern is not suggestive of it.

The short term is supportive of cooler weather at least for a couple days, as we saw highs in the upper 70s both Saturday and Sunday after a 5-day stretch of reaching 90-degrees or warmer. That cool weather is thanks in part to high pressure moving through, as well as a cooler air mass just above the surface. The high pressure helps to mix the cooler air down to the surface.

So that cooler air translates to highs in the upper 70s and low 80s today, officially at 80-degrees for Rockford with bright sunny skies remaining present underneath this high pressure. A nice breeze out of the Northwest also keeps us feeling a bit cooler.

Tonight, we are back into the mid-50s, so another perfect opportunity to give the A/C a break and open the windows! Mostly clear skies and high pressure allowing temperatures to fall as the sun sets.

Tomorrow, the high pressure moves off to the South, and winds shift back out of the Southwest. This warms temperatures into the mid-80s, reaching 85° for the afternoon high. We will see quite a bit of sunshine still, but maybe a few more clouds than what we see today.

A cold front slides through late Tuesday night, bringing a chance for rain showers into early Wednesday morning. We could see a few storms, depending on how long they hold up from their peak earlier in the evening.

This cold front does not keep temperatures down for long though, as it lifts back North as a warm front into Wednesday/Thursday, building temperatures up into the upper 80s and low 90s for the middle of the week. We remain above our normal highs through the end of the week.

A few cold fronts come through Tuesday night and Thursday night, brining chances for rain and storms, but nothing too significant as far as rainfall goes.