Highs Remain Well-Below Average, Sunshine Returns


Yesterday ended up being the coldest October 26th on record for the Rockford area. Cloudy skies, along with a chilly northwest wind held highs in the upper 30s for most, with Rockford posting a high of 37°. That breaks the previous record of 38°, a record that has stood since 1942. Although another cold day lies ahead for the Stateline, I am happy to say that the forecast for Tuesday doesn’t involve snow chances, and also includes less cloud cover.

Yesterday’s cloud cover stuck around for the overnight hours last night, only allowing temperatures to drop into the low 30s by sunrise this morning. When you factor in that light northerly wind, it made the air feel a bit chillier out there with wind chills registering in the 20s. Before stepping out the door this morning, I would put on a heavier coat to stay warm. But I would also have your sunglasses with you. You won’t need them during the commute this morning, but by this evening’s commute, you likely will. As an area of high pressure approaches from the northwest, skies will begin to clear by noontime, leading to plenty of afternoon sunshine. Despite the sunshine, high temperatures will once again end up well-below average in the low 40s. To put that into perspective, that typically what we see by the end of November, not at the end of the October.

By this evening, there will only be a few passing clouds hovering across our skies, making for a great Tuesday evening to drive out to the Festival of Frights at Sinnissippi Park. It will be chilly as temperatures dip down into the low 30s by the end of the event. So I would have the heat on as you drive through this wonderful but spooky lights display. Thanks to that same area of high pressure, tonight features a very dry atmosphere. Under mostly clear skies, temperatures will fall a few degrees cooler than this morning, with most landing in the upper 20s. It’s goes without saying that you’ll need that heavier coat once again as you head out tomorrow morning.

Thankfully, tomorrow’s cooler start doesn’t tell the tale for the rest of our Wednesday. In fact, tomorrow marks the beginning of a warmer stretch of weather that sticks around into Halloween weekend. A breeze out of the southwest will help highs climb into the low 50s by Wednesday afternoon. Still considered below average, but we’re talking a significant jump from Monday’s high of 37°. Similar to today, high pressure will keep the weather nice and dry into midweek, with a few more clouds filling our skies by the afternoon.

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