Happy Labor Day Weekend! If you’re planning on heading outside, make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks inside or in the shade as heat and humidity return. Our record high on Labor Day was 96 back in 1922 and 2012, compared to our coolest high of 61 only in 1974. The wettest Labor Day was back three years ago when we got 1.61″ of rain. This year will be hot and dry. We could come close to our record high as the forecast for Labor Day is 94.

Winds are not a huge factor early Saturday morning, but we will see winds quickly increase by lunchtime near 20-25 mph which will take us through this evening as well. Saturday night expect winds to be around 15 mph. Sunday will be very similar with winds reaching 20-25 mph.

Temperatures are back to near 90 today. A few locations will likely only see the mid to upper 80s but there’s a good chance we will top out right at 90. Sunday will be the hotter of the two days this weekend with temperatures dipping into the lower 90s. On Labor Day, we’ll be in the mid 90s. A bit cooler of weather moves in mid to late week. Temperatures fall into the mid 80s by Thursday, but that is still a bit above normal.