Hot & Humid Wednesday, Daily Thunderstorm Chances Continue


Noisy Tuesday:

The later half of our Tuesday was quite noisy thanks to a round of severe thunderstorms pushing through the Stateline. As this line of thunderstorms tracked eastward, it prompted numerous severe thunderstorm warnings, mainly for wind. 

As of this morning, most if not all of the reports from across the area were either for wind damage or for damaging straight-line winds. The only tornado warnings that were issued were for a few isolated supercells in southwest Wisconsin that developed ahead of the main line early in the afternoon. With that being said, no tornadoes have been reported or confirmed at the moment. Unfortunately, heat safety and being weather aware will be a big part of of our daily routine today as not only does this humid weather continue, but so do our thunderstorm chances. 

Wednesday’s Storms:

As I said on multiple occasions Tuesday, models have had a difficult time honing in on our rain chances as of recent, and that continues today’s chances. First, we’ll have to see how the morning convection out to our west-southwest evolves throughout the early morning hours. If they manage to sustain themselves, we’ll see chances for a few showers and thunderstorms increase after sunrise. If they fall apart before making it to the Stateline, the atmosphere will have a better opportunity to recover for the afternoon threat.

Once we get rid of this morning’s chances by the mid-day hours, expect mixed sunshine to take hold, sending temperatures back into the 90s. With plenty of moisture sticking around, dew points will sit in the low 70s, allowing heat index values to soar back into the upper 90s. This will further help the atmosphere recover, setting the stage for another round of afternoon and evening storms. 

As of this morning, the Storm Prediction Center has placed the entire region under a Marginal Risk for severe weather, with gusty winds being the biggest concern. Again, all depends on how this morning’s round of thunderstorms evolves. Thunderstorm chances will be isolated in nature, and should carry on into the early hours of tonight. Otherwise, temperatures will look to slowly drop towards the 70-degree mark by tomorrow morning, making for another unseasonably mild start.

Cont’d Hot & Humid:

Despite the warmer start, a sneaky cold front sliding through early Thursday will make for slightly cooler afternoon highs. With winds being out of the east-northeast, temperatures will top out a few degrees shy of the 90-degree mark. However, those 90s will be quick to make a return by the weekend as that same frontal boundary lifts northward as a warm front. 

This will place us under the “warm sector” of the low-pressure system. Long story short, prepare for a hot & very humid weekend. It seems that relief from this heat and humidity holds off until early next week as another cold front slides through late Sunday night into Monday morning. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At this moment however, it feels so far away. 

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