5:15pm Update: As of 5:15, we do not have any severe warned storms across the Stateline, but we are still watching a few storms that are still producing stronger winds and lightning. This line of storms has a history of producing quarter size hail, 60 mph winds, and rotation. A funnel cloud was reported near Shady Oaks Road. Due to the slow movement of these storms, heavy rain and flooding are still a concern across the area. South of Dubuque Iowa and north of Chicago there is flash flooding. These storms are all forming along a boundary.

3:35pm Update: A NEW SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING has been issued for Carroll and Whiteside counties until 4:15pm. This storm is located along a line extending from near Savanna, IL down through Sterling, IL and moving to the northeast at 15 mph. The storm is capable of producing 60 mph wind gusts and quarter sized hail. If you are in the path of the storm you need to seek shelter until the storm passes.

It is also possible that the storms may produce brief funnel clouds or weak tornadoes as they are forming along a boundary, stretching from northeast Iowa into northwest Illinois.


A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for northwestern Stephenson County until 2:30pm. This storm is producing 60 mph winds and quarter size hail along with lots of lightning.

Isolated severe thunderstorms will continue through the afternoon. The time framing of these thunderstorms would be now through about 6-7pm. Once we hit 7pm threats diminish as well as rain altogether.