Late warm front means temperatures will warm Wednesday evening; Scattered showers likely


Increasing cloud cover and heavy rain producing thunderstorms moved through during the morning and afternoon Wednesday, holding temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. That same low produced accumulating snow over the Rockies out west and brought severe weather to the Plains Tuesday evening.

While the rain we had Wednesday morning and afternoon wasn’t severe, it did produce heavy downpours which dramatically reduced visibility and caused ponding water on the roads in some locations. By mid-afternoon the rain had ended for most, leaving cloudy skies in its wake.

Once the rain ended temperatures began to slowly climb, reaching the low to mid 60s by 6pm. As the low over the Plains continues to deepen and lift north towards Canada, the warm front will slide further north into Wisconsin. This will keep temperatures warming through the evening, rising through the upper 60s and reaching the low 70s by Midnight. A cold front coming through will bring temperatures back down into the upper 50s by Thursday morning.

While the skies were able to dry out a bit Wednesday evening the rain is expected to return by 8pm/9pm with the arrival of the warm front. It won’t be as widespread, or as heavy, as earlier in the day and should be more widely scattered. The showers and isolated thunderstorms will continue until a cold front comes through; this looks to be a little after Midnight. Cloud cover is expected to stick around through Thursday morning before a little more clearing develops by the afternoon. Highs will rise back close to 70 degrees for Thursday.

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