Light showers are beginning to move into northern Illinois and are expected to last for the next few hours. Isolated thunderstorms are also possible, but no severe weather is expected. Temperatures will remain above freezing for most of the night, but it’s not out the question that a few snow pellets or flurries may occur near, and north, of the state line. Skies will begin mostly cloudy Wednesday with a little more sunshine expected for the afternoon. Highs on Wednesday will warm into the low 50s.

Both Wednesday and Thursday remain quiet, weather wise, but temperatures will drop about ten degrees Thursday afternoon. This is following a cold front that will move through Wednesday night.

Another significant storm system will take shape out west, quickly moving to the east Wednesday and Thursday. Ahead of it, severe thunderstorms will occur over the South and lower Mississippi River Valley. By Friday, the low will be moving into southern and central Illinois. Temperatures will warm ahead of the low Thursday night but are forecast to drop as the low moves through during the day Friday.

Rain showers are possible during that time, with a wintry mix occurring into Friday morning. Depending on the overall track of the low, whether or not it moves more south or north, will determine how much, if any, snow we could accumulate through Friday night.

As temperatures begin to cool thanks to strong forcing aloft, mixed precipitation may quickly transition over to a heavy, wet snow. Northeast winds will increase during that time, holding temperatures in the 30s during the afternoon.