A steady drop in humidity can be expected Sunday evening following the passage of a cold front that brought numerous severe thunderstorms both Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Sunday night will be much more quiet as high pressure slowly moves into the region. While we’ve been able to see some clearing of the cloud cover from earlier Sunday afternoon, a slow increase in the clouds from the west can be expected. Temperatures Sunday night will fall on either side of 60 degrees.

Northwest winds will also continue to blow Sunday evening but should slowly begin to subside once the high pressure system moves closer. The northwest wind will also bring a drop in our dew point temperatures with numbers expected to settle into the 50s overnight, early Monday morning. Drier air is then set to remain in place for much of the week, although a little spike in humidity is expected Tuesday night and Wednesday as the wind changes back around to the southwest.

Dew points throughout much of Sunday were still in the upper 60s, giving the afternoon a slightly humid/muggy feel. But as the drier air moves in it should begin to feel much more comfortable not only Sunday night, but also for most of the week. Temperatures to round out the week will settle into the upper 70s and low/mid 80s – fairly seasonable for the end of July.