Locally Dense Fog Setting in Sunday Evening


Visibility has fallen under half a mile in a few locations across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin Sunday evening. The weather over the weekend has been anything but warm as both Saturday and Sunday temperatures were stuck in the 60s.

A warm front sits just to the south of northern Illinois Sunday evening and has been the focus for showers and thunderstorms, some severe, across central Illinois. Light showers continue to fall south of Rockford, while drizzle continues to the north. The chance for rain will come to an end around 9pm or 10pm Sunday evening, but the cloud cover, fog and drizzle will continue into early Monday morning. This could have an impact on the morning commute, especially where the fog is a little more dense.

Mid to late morning Monday the warm front will pass through northern Illinois turning skies partly cloudy. Temperatures will warm front the 60s, into the low 80s by the afternoon. You’ll also notice humidity going up as well.

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