Mainly Dry Wednesday, Pool-Time Recommended for the Upcoming Weekend


Needing the Rain:

When comparing this year’s meteorological spring to last years, the one category that we were lacking big-time was total rainfall. As you can see, the amount of rainfall observed between March 1st to June 1st last year was more than half of what we observed this year during the same time frame. In fact, this year’s edition of meteorological spring finished as the 5th warmest and 7th driest since records began here in 1905. Rain chances moving forward, especially chances for a soaking rainfall, remain slim as a more summer-like air-mass settles in for the first weekend of meteorological summer.

Mainly Dry Hump-Day:

Unlike Tuesday, temperatures and dew points are a little farther apart this morning. What does this mean? It means that we’re waking up to a drier air-mass this time around, which will help significantly lessen the threat for dense fog. In fact, it’ll feel quite refreshing once you’re ready to leave for school or work, as most spots are registering in the low to mid 50s.

An area of low pressure which is currently lifting into the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys will help drag just enough moisture for us to see a chance for an isolated afternoon sprinkle or shower. However, many dry hours are promised, which highs once again landing on either side of the 80° mark. Any chance for a shower locally should come to an end by sunset, leaving us dry for the overnight hours. 

Pool Weather Nears:

There have been many times this year where northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin have approached the 90° mark. But alas, we’ve fallen short by a degree or two. In fact, you would have to go all the way back to August 28th, a span of 284 days, to find our last 90° day. The potential for us to break this streak begins on Friday, and carries on into the upcoming weekend. That begin said, all signs point to a gradual increase in humidity by the day, eventually becoming more uncomfortable by early next week.

But what I see is plenty of opportunities for all of you to jump into those fresh-opened pools. If you are someone who doesn’t have a pool, become close friends with someone that does. Or simply pull out the old-school move and connect a sprinkler. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday feature a good amount of sunshine, with rain chances holding off until early next week. But even then we aren’t looking at any soaking rain chances.

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