After a somewhat sunny start to Friday, cloud cover and even light rain showers filled in across the Stateline for the afternoon and evening. Despite the thicker clouds, high temperatures across the area still made it into the mid-50s for most, including reaching a high of 54 degrees in Rockford.

Some clearing after midnight will allow temperatures to fall quickly back into the mid-30s overnight for the low temperature. Winds will remain fairly light following the passage of the cold front from earlier.

Saturday afternoon will bring a bit more sunshine than Friday saw, but not any warmer temperatures. Afternoon highs will be very similar to Friday, sitting in the mid-50s again for most. Skies will continue to clear again for the following night, leading to a chilly Sunday morning.

As most know by now, it is the weekend where we turn our clocks back to end Daylight Saving Time. The positives include an “extra” hour of sleep, but the negatives include much earlier sunset times. For a comparison, skies will still be somewhat bright at 6PM Saturday, but will be almost pitch black by 6PM Sunday. Sunset times will go from quarter to almost 6PM to almost 5PM. Sunrise times will go up as well, resulting in sunrise at nearly 6:30AM Sunday morning.

The weather pattern is a bit quiet and mild this weekend as somewhat high pressure settles in under zonal flow aloft, but multiple systems look to pass into next week. The first will bring rain chances along a cold front Monday, with very mild weather and highs in the 60s that afternoon out ahead of that front. Said front will stall out to the South before lifting back North as a warm front into Wednesday. This will come as the second system passes in very close proximity, leading to at least a small chance for thunderstorms on Wednesday as of now.

After a mild and somewhat quiet weekend, temperatures will hover around or just above average for this time of year through much of the next 7 days before a few systems usher in cooler air heading into next weekend. For now, there are zero temperatures on this 7-day that are below freezing.