Welcome to Spring:

The extremely mild stretch that rounded out the month of February will thankfully stick around for the first day of Meteorological Spring. A quick reminder, Meteorological Spring includes the stretch of days between March 1st and May 31st. It’s during this 3 month period in which we see our biggest climb in average high temperatures. 

Mild Wednesday:

The first day of the new season kicks off with a bit of cloud cover after we had a couple of showers roam through the region overnight. Clouds will stick around for much of the morning before giving way to some sunshine by the afternoon. 

That, along with today’s westerly breeze will allow temperatures to climb into the low 50s. Something we typically see at the end of March, not at the start. Overnight, winds gradually turn to the east-northeast, resulting in a considerable cooler Thursday. Highs will end up on either side of the 40-degree mark under a mostly cloudy sky. It’s then our focus will turn to our next storm system which has a good chance of bringing impacts to the area during the day Friday.