After a taste of winter-like weather for Halloween our fall season will resume as normal as we kick off the beginning of November. Temperatures Wednesday have remained below average by nearly 10-15 degrees, but we should soon see a moderating trend in numbers heading into the weekend.

Mostly cloudy skies will continue through the rest of Wednesday evening, turning partly cloudy overnight. Temperatures will dip into the upper 20s, rising back close to 50 degrees Thursday.

Southerly winds at the surface will be found Thursday, Friday, and into the weekend which will bring temperatures into the upper 50s Saturday and Sunday. The overall upper-level pattern in the jet stream remains tranquil, moving mostly from west to east. This will limit any bigger storm systems from moving in – at least in the short-term – but that could change by the end of the weekend and start of next week.

The chance for rain remains somewhat low the next few days. A little ripple in the jet stream Friday night could help to fire off a few sprinkles or very light shower area wide, but drier air down near the surface and the weak nature of the disturbance shouldn’t bring anything too substantial.

A slightly better chance for rain showers will return Saturday night, and then again Sunday night into Monday but there is quite a bit of model variance in just where exactly the rain will end up during this time. If we do see the pattern set up over the region Saturday night, a steady rain can be expected. A slightly stronger low-pressure system will then move through Monday with rain showers into the afternoon. Highs on Monday should also warm into the upper 50s but it does look like we fall back below average by the middle of end of next week with highs in the 40s.