Patchy AM Fog:

There was a considerable amount of snow melt that occurred over the weekend thanks to both the sunshine and mild temperatures. That, along with a mostly clear sky and light winds has allowed a round of patchy dense fog to develop early on. 

If you plan to travel, make sure to give yourself extra time as there will be fluctuations in visibility. And with temperatures sitting in the mid to upper teens, moisture from the fog will instantly freeze, result in a few slick spots. Once our winds become strong enough, the threat for fog should let up around mid-morning, leaving us with a partly sunny sky.

Turning Windy:

As our next frontal boundary nears, southeast winds will continue to slowly increase, gusting up to 25 mph this afternoon, and then between 30-35 mph during the evening hours. 

This is why we strongly think that our high temperatures will be achieved late in the day, with most climbing into the upper 30s. A scattered round of rain showers is also likely to move in after sunset. This rain will be light in nature, adding up to only a couple tenths of an inch, and should wrap up before sunrise Tuesday.

Midweek System:

Cloud cover aims to stick around for a majority of Tuesday, with highs climbing back towards the 40-degree mark. A second and strong storm system aims to bring impacts to northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin starting late Wednesday, lasting into Friday. This system has a lot more rich moisture to work with, hence why widespread rain will move in late Wednesday.

There may be enough cold air mixing in early Thursday that could give us a chance for some wet snow, especially over north-central and northwest Illinois. Again, this will all be dependent on just how much cold air swings in on the northern side of the low as well as the track of the low itself. Behind the departing low, scattered snow showers will be possible as temperatures briefly cool into the low 30s Friday.

Weak high pressure then slides in for the weekend, keeping the cool temperatures around for Saturday but also bringing an end to our late week active pattern. Southwest winds aim to return by the end of the weekend, bringing highs back into the 40s.